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Meditations By Teacher

Valerie Skonie

Valerie will record three sessions, each 15 minutes long. Planning Ahead will help you prepare for your retreat, The Dedication and Closing sessions will open and close the retreat and help you set your intentions for the retreat and days that follow. Valerie Skonie is the founder of the Winter Feast for the Soul. Her passion is to help others find their way to a daily spiritual practice and thus to access the inner wisdom that is birthright to all people.

Valerie Skonie – 3 Valuable Talks – 2012

Preparing for the Retreat
Opening Dedication
Closing Comments


This series of interviews will expand our notions about Acts of Kindness and why it is important to take this added step in our daily practice if we want to become sincere practitioners. We will interview spiritual teachers from several traditions. The interviews will be conducted by Valerie Skonie, founder and director of the Winter Feast for the Soul.

Valerie Skonie – Acts of Kindness – 2012

Anam Thubten Rinpoche: Acts of Kindness from the Buddhist perspective
Rabbi Olivier BenHaim: Kind Acts As One of the Three Pillars of Judaism
Suhrawardi Gebel: the Sufi Tradition of Chivalry and Kind Acts
Rollin McCraty,HeartMath: Science of Kindness and Connectedness
Nicole Saltzman, age 11, discusses Kind Acts for Children
Terry Patten: Kind Acts and the Spiritual Practitioner
The Rt. Rev. Bishop Brian Thom, Kind Acts from a Christian Perspective


Valerie will guide you on a meditation to open your heart and give you an opportunity to ask for what you need right now. Valerie Skonie is the Founder and Former Director of the Winter Feast for the Soul.

Valerie Skonie – Words of Encouragement and Rededication – 2012

Episode 1


Valerie Skonie - Heart Centered Meditations

      Feast Schedule: January 15th, 22md, 29th, and February 5th, 12th and 19th

      Drawing one’s focused attention to the Spiritual Heart Center brings happiness to everyday life. Here, in the Heart Center, known as the home of the soul, we make a direct connection with our Divine Source. Releasing the coverings over this Center is an important part of the spiritual journey. Using reflection, poetry and music, carefully practiced sound, and sacred chants, we will explore our own ability to break the heart open and live from that space each and every day. These meditations will be recorded weekly each Saturday during the Feast. It is recommended that the participants use them each day during the following week to deepen the teachings.

      NEW! Interview with our Founder Valerie Skonie

      Have you ever wondered how the Winter Feast got started, or what was the initial vision that so inspired our Founder Valerie Skonie? Take time during the Feast to listen to the Community Call and conversation between Director Karon Korp and Valerie. New participants to this year’s Feast will find this dialogue informative and thought provoking while gaining a better understanding of the meaning of the forty day practice period and the inherent opportunities for self reflection.

      Listen to the call here:

      BIO: Valerie Skonie has been a student of Western Sufism for nearly 30 years. Through her work with many spiritual teachers and through her own direct life experience she has been guided to help others to become connected to their own source of compassion and guidance. These practices bring about a slow transformation of one’s sense of meaning in life, and to live with greater ease through this connection.

Valerie Skonie – Heart Centered Meditations – 2011

Opening the Heart
Using Your Own Voice to Open the Heart
Mysticism of Sound in Your Own Voice
The Heart as the Temple of Love and Forgiveness
The Gift of Longing ­ Part 1
The Gift of Longing ­ Part 2
The Meaning of Spiritual Practice
Closing meditation
Closing Comments and Opportunity for Dialogue


This two part series will describe why the practice of meditation is important in our daily lives. Part 1 includes a discussion of the brain states and how meditation offers respite and opportunity to contain the scattered mind states that most people find themselves in each day. Part 2 will give detailed meditation instructions.

Valerie Skonie – Why, When and How to Meditate – 2009

Part 1
Part 2


These meditations are designed for those who prefer silent meditation with minimal guidance. They will be led by Sufi teacher, Valerie Neshoma Skonie, founder and director of the Winter Feast for the Soul. Each session will begin with a brief reading from a sacred text or the poetry of Jelaluddin Rumi. Time will be marked in ten-minute intervals with the sounding of Tibetan bells. The session will close with the repeat reading of the text that began the session. Sessions will be broadcast live on the third Tuesday of each month at 8:30 am EST. If enough interest is generated, more frequent sessions may be added.

Valerie Skonie – 40 Minute Silent Meditations – 2009

Episode 1
Episode 2

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